Day: December 3, 2014

Get Your Game On Wednesday

Bruce Lee: Enter the Game Alert, alert! I need this game! Somehow I missed it during my Thanksgiving weekend food coma, but 2 million downloads can’t be wrong. Downloading it right… NOW. Arcade-style Bruce Lee action is available on iOS and Android devices. Thank goodness! Joe Kowalski’s Impossible Games He was asked to participate in…

Phone Game Review: Threes

Threes Price: $1.99 Google Play; $2.99 Apple Store Developer: Asher Volmer and Greg Wohlwend Platform: Android; iOS I’m obsessed with Threes, and I’m sharing my obsession with you. Threes is a number matching game for smartphones. The game is similar to 2048, but better. Unlike 2048’s late 60s era harvest gold minimalism, Threes is stinking cute,…

She-Hulk, WWAC Warrior Banner

#WWACWarriors: Starting New Year’s Early

From time to time, we have shared our adventures in exercise, working out, and just getting our bodies up and moving under the category: WWAC Warrior. Ardo has written about her adventures in boxing and Muay Thai, Wendy B has written about her experience using the Zombies Run app, and we have even interviewed game developer Brianna…