#WWACWarriors: Part 2 w/ Lela Gwenn

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To read Part 1 of this series, go HERE! And on to Part 2, in which I remind you that when the going gets tough re-examine your strategy.

This is a tough entry to write. Why? Well, because to some people reading this (and to the highly self critical part of myself that lives just above my right eyebrow), this post might look a lot like admitting failure. I did not manage to follow the plan as laid out. I, in fact, only did the weight lifting portion once. But let me explain.

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No, it is too much. Let me sum up.

The first day out I did my short walk as prescribed, then did my exercises. That night and the following day, I had terrible cramps. I felt as though my entire lower abdomen was trying to rip itself apart. My sciatic nerve was on fire, causing my hip and leg to ache. I ended up having to take 2 different medications to deal with the reaction to the weight lifting. I wasn’t as healed as I thought, and I paid for my over-estimation. Basically, life sucked.

At that point I had a choice, I could give in to that dastardly villain living above my right eyebrow and quit, or I could reevaluate and attack from a different angle. So I did just that. I cut the weights and upped the walking which doesn’t seem to hurt me. I’d done 0.8 of a mile that first day. The next workout I did 3.5 then I pushed it to 5.5 then 8.5 miles. There are many positives to this plan. I kept my schedule of working out twice a week, and I built stamina and hopefully some strength in my belly.

Down side? I didn’t get to lift which has always been a big mood booster for me. That’s okay, though. I will get there. (Damn the man and the bastard above my right eyebrow!)

The major lesson here is to listen to your body. When you have chronic pain issues or any chronic condition, it is easy to learn to ignore or actively resent your body. I am guilty of taking an adversarial approach to my body.

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Wanting to punish it for being “bad.” Wanting to push myself to do things I that my ambition tells me are good, despite the fact that it does my body active harm. Writing this column made me more aware of the tendency, so thanks for helping me love myself better.

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If you are playing along at home, the work out for now will stay the same, but the weights should progress upward if possible. Eight pounds moves to 10 pounds, 20 to 25. If you need to cut down to 8 reps at first to make this happen, that is fine. Progress not Perfection.

As for me, this means I’ll be behind a little bit, but don’t worry. I trust my body to adjust quickly once healing is complete.

In my continuing quest to inform the world about endometriosis, please watch this video!

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