Day: December 17, 2014

Merry Scary Christmas: Dead End

Dead End Directed by Jean-Baptiste Andrea & Fabrice Canepa Starring: Ray Wise, Alexandra Holden, Lin Shaye Lions Gate Entertainment 85 mins 2003 When I watch horror movies, I like to play a game: how many times can this movie make me jump? I scan the negative space for lurking shadows and subliminal flashes – the…

Get Your Game On Wednesday: Ladies and LARP

Lots of news this week, from new downloadable female characters, all-women e-sports teams, games that finally make it to Android devices (seriously), and my continual fascination with LARP — catch it here!   Finally! A playable female character for Payday2 Clover has been released and she looks kick butt! Unfortunately, you need to shell out $4.99 to download…

Television On Smartphone Stock Image. Stuart Miles, published on 26 September 2012. TV.

Best Television Shows of 2014

10. How To Get Away With Murder (Season 1) I’m not a fan of Grey’s Anatomy and only gave Scandal one season. Although the brand new show, How To Get Away With Murder, is not created but instead produced by Shonda Rhimes, it still feels very much like a show she’d make for TV — and I love it….