Magical Make-up and Lighting Tips for Girls On Film

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We have some big things underway at WWAC! Some of them require us to play a little dress-up. While discussing some tips for looking your best on camera, we decided we would share the knowledge and seek some more. Got any additional tips, share in the comments below!

classic vintage red lipGinnis

The perfect vintage red lip!

  1. Apply chapstick.
  2. Lightly dust your lips with face powder.
  3. Apply your favorite color of red. (I love Smashbox’s Be Legendary.)
  4. Blot.
  5. Reapply.

And bam a red lip that stays put, no bleeding or getting on your teeth. Now could someone please tell me how to apply fake eyelashes without glueing my eyelids shut?!


If you like to wear more makeup, go for it. But if that’s not your usual thing, it might make you uncomfortable on camera. It is possible to look fine on video without putting on a huge amount of makeup. In fact, if you put on a lot, and you’re not used to doing that, it may not have the effect you want. I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to a lot of makeup, so I tend to go minimal most of the time. If you put on some basic eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick, plus powder to make yourself not-shiny, you’ll probably be fine. If you like, you can give your eyes some definition and add a little lip color.

Soft, even light will help minimize dark under-eye circles (lucky for me). You don’t want harsh shadows unless you’re telling a ghost story.


Effie Trinket false eyelashesHow to put on false eyelashes without glueing your eyelids shut! Start with clean eyes (once you are a master you might be able to do eyes first, but when learning start clean).

  1. Check the length of the lashes against your eye and trim to fit.
  2. Apply a thin line of glue and blow on it to let it dry.
  3. Once it is a little tacky (about 10 seconds) press into your lashline from the center to the outside corners.
  4. Press the eyelashes (natural and fake) together.
  5. Let it dry and fill any gaps with matte black eyeliner/eye shadow.


A quick lighting hack – make a DIY ring light using fairy/rope lights. Essentially, just attach decorative lights to a hula hoop and mount in front of you (either on a nail on the wall or with a tripod as in the video).

The end result creates soft, even lighting, and the lights will reflect in your eyes, creating a circular constellation effect! Non-blinking white or multicolored/rainbow lights will work (the colors will cancel out to create white light – SCIENCE!!!!!!!!) Click this link for a video tutorial.


crazy rumors lipbalm ginger_ale_small_1My highly complex method:
  1. Pick most delicious lip balm for your current mood (recommended: Crazy Rumors all-natural lip balms).
  2. Apply.
  3. Go.


One thing I found really helpful when doing portrait photography or talking to a camera is this handy tip. It helps define the jawline and eliminate any accidental double chins.
Also some tips I picked up from make-up classes, for anybody who doesn’t use make-up often, especially in front of a camera:

  • Always make sure to apply your base/foundation to your neck as well as your face, otherwise it’ll stand out. And if you use your hands a lot to talk, and they feature prominently in shot, apply a little base/foundation to them, too. It’s subtle, but makes all the difference.
  • When applying blush, all you need is a little circular motion on the “apple” of your cheeks, i.e. the roundest part of your cheekbones. I’ve seen too many people accidentally apply it lower which just makes them look more gaunt rather than fresh-faced.
  • If you’re using any highlighter, apply it in an upward stroking fashion. It helps accentuate any youthful features you have while downward tends to add a tiny bit more age.
  • With foundation always make sure you get into every nook and cranny. Don’t forget the spaces around your nostrils, or eyelids, and around the jawline. Especially with videos with you talking, your face moves a lot more than you’d expect and any gaps will show up.
  • Also with cameras, check your lighting. If you’re not using a webcam, your camera should have an option called White Balance. It’ll either be in your settings or marked as a WB on a button. Once you’re there you’ll see these symbols. For those who don’t know, most if not all household light bulbs are tungsten, it’s what gives them that warm orange-y glow. Meanwhile fluorescent bulbs tend to be much cooler in terms of lighting. Fiddle around with the White Balance and pick whichever matches the lights you’re using, it really helps when filming and taking pictures, especially with skin tone.
geek chic i am groot eyeshadow
Geek Chic “I am Groot” eyeshadow


For geek specific make-up, check out these eyeshadows inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy! They’re both fabulous companies and have done MCU-related stuff.

What about you? Have you vlogged, created campaign videos, or used film or photography for your creative fandom? Tell us your tips in comments!

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