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    KM Bezner

    KM is a queer Nashvillian who reads a lot of books and watches too much TV. She hopes to one day retire as a recluse book printer with a farm of pigs.

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  • Reading Under the New Moon: Murakami’s Magical Realism in The Strange Library

    Reading Under the New Moon: Murakami’s Magical Realism in The Strange Library0

    • June 4, 2015

    The Strange Library Haruki Murakami Knopf December 2, 2014 The Strange Library combines two things that I love dearly: libraries and strange supernatural occurrences. The story begins with a boy returning his books to the library. When he asks the librarian for help finding more books, she directs him to a confined room in the

  • Evensong by John Love

    Evensong by John Love0

    • May 21, 2015

    Evensong John Love Night Shade Books January 6 2015 Full Disclosure: A review copy was received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Evensong is the second novel from science fiction writer John Love. Set in the year 2060, it follows the latest mission of Anwar Abbas, a member of a special agency of the

  • Ody-C #4: Blood, Blood, Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to…

    Ody-C #4: Blood, Blood, Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to…2

    Ody-C #4 Matt Fraction (W), Christian Ward (A) Chris Eliopoulos (L), Dee Cunniffe (Flatting) Image Comics April 2015 Ody-C #4 is gross. Red and purple and brown carnage spills across its pages. It may be strange to call such gore beautiful, but there are many strangely beautiful things about this comic. As graphic as it

  • Kickstarter of the Week: Cosplanet

    Kickstarter of the Week: Cosplanet0

    Calling all cosplayers! This week’s Kickstarter IndieGoGo is a film called Cosplanet: The Evolution of Cosplay being produced by Respect Films. This documentary is a project that covers the history of cosplay from its origins in the seventies, when it was still known as “costuming,” to the cultural phenomenon it has become. For the film