Day: March 10, 2015

The Duff (2015)

The Duff, A Teen Comedy That Sells Itself Short

The Duff (2015) Written by Josh A. Cagan (screenplay), Kody Keplinger (novel) Directed by Ari Sandel Starring: ‎Mae Whitman, Robbie Amell CBSFilms, Wonderland Sound and Vision PG-13, 102 minutes The worst teen comedies are painted with the heavy brush of this-is-what-adults-think-teens-are-like, starring actors that are too old to play even the collegiate versions of their characters. Throw…

Ody-C #1 by Matt Fraction & Christian Ward (Image, 2014)

5 Reasons You Should Be Reading Ody-C

Since beginning its run in November, Ody-C by Matt Fraction (Sex Criminals, Casanova) and Christian Ward (The Infinite Vacation) has rightfully gained a lot of attention. In this reimagining of Homer’s classic the Odyssey, our hero Odyssia has just emerged victorious from the hundred-year war with Troiia, and what she desires more than anything else…