Incredible Indie Tuesday: Movie Deals and Creator Interviews

Valiant Publishing Makes A Major TV and Movie Deal

Valiant Entertainment has inked a ‘nine-figure deal’ with DMG Entertainment, a Chinese-based company, that will focus on investing in developing Valiant properties for TV and movies, plus products specifically for the Chinese-language market.  Nine figures, by the way, means numbers at or above $100,000,000, a.k.a. 100 million dollars.  Valiant’s approach to its comics has been to focus on the cohesive universe aspect, so it’ll be interesting to see if its TV and movie properties follow the same script.

Next up, how about some interviews for comics that have absolutely NOTHING in common except seeming totally great?

descender 1 cover, writer jeff lemire, artist dustin nguyen, image comics 2015For those of us who love sprawling sci-fi with beautiful watercolors: Artist Dustin Nguyen On Designing the Galaxy of Descender.  The #1 of this issue just came out this month but Jeff Lemire and Nguyen have already got a movie deal from Sony for this series about a robot boy looking for his place int he universe.

sexcastle cover, creator kyle starks, image comics 2015For those who want their comics to have a little more ’80s action-flick sensibility:  Creator Kyle Starks Talks Sexcastle and Doing Zany, Over-the-Top Action in Comics.  It’s great to see this book, which started out on Kickstarter, coming to a wider audience thanks to Image.  Rather than an easy parody of a campy, blood-soaked genre, Sexcastle is a love letter to those cheesy ’80s movies we all secretly love.

For those who like ’80s action flicks in their comics but only if Jughead’s involved:  Archive Versus Predator Artist Fernando Ruiz on Bringing Human-Hunting Aliens to Riverdale.  After meeting KISS and the cast of Glee, where else could Archie Comics go but for the teen cast to meet the Predators made famous for snacking on Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers?  Check out the various variant covers for #1 at the link–they’re so good they almost make me break my ‘no buying variants’ rule.

archie versus predator #1 cover, artist alex de campi, artist fernando ruiz, archie comics 2015For those who want the dead teens thing but maybe not so many aliens:  No Mercy Creators Talk Diverse Cast of Teens on a Trip to Central America Where…Things Go Poorly.  It’s not exactly clear on WHAT goes wrong, except that it involves a lot of violence and potentially maimed teens, but who doesn’t love guileless teens getting in over their heads?  That’s a tried and true staple from Scooby Doo all the way No Mercy Cover 1, Writer Alex De Campi, Artist Carla Speed McNeil, 2015to Friday the 13th.  The creative team promises a lot of action quick rather than the slow-build you get in decompressed comic storytelling nowadays.

Catie Coleman

Catie Coleman

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