Author: KM Bezner

Cosplanet IndieGoGo by Respect Films

Kickstarter of the Week: Cosplanet

Calling all cosplayers! This week’s Kickstarter IndieGoGo is a film called Cosplanet: The Evolution of Cosplay being produced by Respect Films. This documentary is a project that covers the history of cosplay from its origins in the seventies, when it was still known as “costuming,” to the cultural phenomenon it has become. For the film…

From the Haiku Warrior Kickstarter page by Jason Anarchy

Kickstarter of the Week: Haiku Warrior

If you’re a fan of tabletop RPGs, then go check out Haiku Warrior. Created by Jason Anarchy, the guy behind Drinking Quest, this tabletop is told through Japanese haikus and is designed for up to four players. Even if you aren’t confident in your RPG skills just yet, the creators claim that this game is…

The 2015 Hugo Award Nominees

On April 4, this year’s Hugo nominations were announced at Norwescon. Five nominees were selected in each category by registered members of Loncon, Sasquan, and MidAmericon II (the 2014, 2015, and 2016 World Science Fiction Conventions). This year broke the previous voting record with 2,122 ballots received. Winners will be selected by members of Sasquan 2015…

Artwork by Baptiste Pagani and Kali Ciesemier

Kickstarter of the Week: Fight!

Feature image artwork by Baptiste Pagani and Kali Ciesemier. This week I’d like to share a Kickstarter I’ve been looking forward to for a while now: Fight! The Fight Zine is a project started by Jenn Woodall and brings together 36 artists for 44 full-color pages of incredible, video-game inspired art. Contributing illustrators include Sam…