Kickstarter of the Week: Cosplanet

Cosplanet IndieGoGo by Respect Films

Calling all cosplayers!

This week’s Kickstarter IndieGoGo is a film called Cosplanet: The Evolution of Cosplay being produced by Respect Films. This documentary is a project that covers the history of cosplay from its origins in the seventies, when it was still known as “costuming,” to the cultural phenomenon it has become. For the film the team has arranged interviews with dozens of professional cosplayers, including Cynthia Tyler, Svetlana Quindt, Taliesin Jaffe, and Lauren Bregman. They also secured interviews with comics legend Stan Lee and Japanese pop star Yoshiki.

Respect Films is seeking $50,000 to complete their project, and is currently at less than 10% of their funding goal. If they can secure funding in a month, then they will be able to create their amazing history of cosplay.

This campaign is packed with all kinds of awesome perks. Every contributor who donates more than $15 USD will receive special access to an online pre-screening followed by a Q&A with the producers. Several of these screenings will be scheduled to ensure that everyone who contributes will be able to attend. Rewards that include a DVD copy start at $35, and other levels include t-shirts, posters, and films produced by Respect. For cosplay aficionados, some tiers also include merchandise from Castle Corsetry and autographed Birds of Play photos!

If you would like to further contribute to Cosplanet and have a great cosplay story, the team wants to hear from you! They are still seeking cosplayers from around the world to share their experiences with the rest of nerdom. Email them at!

Lauren Bregman, Patrick Meaney, and Jordan Rennert make up the Respect Films production team. Their other documentaries, all of which are available as rewards for the campaign, include: Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods, The Image Revolution, She Makes Comics, and Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts.

KM Bezner

KM Bezner

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