Day: May 13, 2015

Get Your Game On Wednesday

Welcome to hump day, paladins! Only a few more pesky workdays until the weekend. I’m here to lighten the load with news on the gaming holodeck of the future, new Lego Dimensions team packs, female characters for Ubisoft, and more. Take a well deserved break and read on.

Dead Boys: A Fantastically Undead Adventure

Dead Boys Gabriel Squailia Skyhorse Publishing March 10, 2015 I am quite sure I am not the only one who picked up Gabriel Squailia’s Dead Boys based on Jay Kristoff’s review of the author’s style, “If China Miéville, Neil Gaiman, and Hunter S. Thompson had a ménage à trois, Dead Boys would be the love…

From Kickstarter to Titan: Rachel Deering’s Lesbian Werewolf Horror Epic Anathema Can Now Look Nice On Your Bookshelf

Titan’s softcover collection of the first three issues of Rachel Deering’s Anathema hits stores today. The book is a lesbian werewolf horror epic. And if the concept isn’t enough to sell you on it, rest assured that the art is arresting and the story brisk and affecting: young lovers are separated by murderous puritans, a death cult takes…