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    Christine Atchison

    Christine is a transmedia superhero fan who is currently trying to marry her two main love interests (superheroes and academics) in the form of a PhD. When she isn't reading comics, researching (which sometimes takes the form of reading comics), writing, or editing for Cinema Journal and Women Write About Comics, she likes to make the most of her Netflix subscription, travel, work-out, longboard, game, or just chillax with friends.

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  • Seeking: Copyeditor

    Seeking: Copyeditor0

    • November 12, 2014

    In case you didn’t know: Women do write about comics, guys. Seriously, a lot. Our beat is comics, creators, and geek culture from a feminist perspective. We are committed to intersectionality and internationality (our diverse staff hails from Canada, the UK, Switzerland, Brazil, and the United States). And while we’re an unabashedly feminist, unapologetically ladies-first

  • GOG.com Ready to Sell DRM-Free Movies and TV Shows

    GOG.com Ready to Sell DRM-Free Movies and TV Shows0

    • August 27, 2014

    GOG.com—my favourite DRM-free game distributor—is expanding its reach to movies and TV-Shows!