Day: June 11, 2014

Ubisoft Says Female Characters Are Too Much Work

James Therien, the technical director of Ubisoft’s upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity release, explained the company’s decision not to include playable female characters in an interview with VideoGamer, stating: It was on our feature list until not too long ago, but it’s a question of focus and production. So we wanted to make sure we had…

Stephen Strange Doctor Strange Acts of Vengeance

Doctor Strange Fancast

An upcoming Doctor Strange movie has got its director, Scott Derrickson, which means casting announcements are sure to follow. Our staff share their picks of who should play the Sorcerer Supreme in his big-screen debut.

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LeVar Burton Guest Editing Today!

LeVar Burton is guest editing Scientific America’s website today. Do not adjust your screens: he controls the vertical and the horizontal, the blog posts and the discussion threads, the homepage and the editorials. He’s also livetweeting from @sciam and his first reading assignment of the day is about comets and the seeing of said celestial phenomenon. The…

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Get Your Game On Wednesday

It’s getting better for women gamers Aisha Tyler, the actor and gamer well-known for her Facebook post about being a “real gamer,” shares her thoughts on character diversity in gaming. Gamers are more sociable than their stereotype suggests A new study shows that gamers aren’t just nerds living in their parents’ basement. Berserkon gaming convention…