Day: August 20, 2014

Con Diares: Ivy Goes to Otakon & Watches All The Anime pt. 2: I’m In Hell, This Is Hell

Is there any sound more gratingly condescending than the low-to-high slide of “hey, guys” coming out of the mouth of a convention volunteer staffer? They raise their hands to chest level, lock eyes with you, and smile sympathetically—it’s not your fault you skirted around the line, you’re just too stupid! “I’m a dealer, actually,” I…

Gamer Mom, Wendy & daughters' hands around various controllers

Get Your Game On Wednesday

Terrifying P.T demo for Silent Hills  Big news from Gamescom last week was the teaming up of creator Hideo Kojima and movie director Guillermo del Toro for a new game. For fans of horror, the P.T. (playable teaser) is something not to be missed.  Gen Con attendance up 10% Known as one of the largest tabletop…

The Cosplay Games

Salt Lake Comic Con knows cosplay isn’t just for conventions. This past weekend they hosted The Cosplay Games, a photo scavenger hunt in Salt Lake City, to get fans excited for the main event in early September. The four hour long event encourages participants to dress up and scour the downtown for clues to ten…