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Drink Your Comics: Redheads at the Bar

Redheads are a big thing in comic books. Ashley Schmuecker’s list of her top ten ginger comic book heroines continues to be one of our most popular posts. While we’ve shared some other festive alcoholic creations (Colleen’s Megahex cocktail, Claire’s Ginger Beer, and Ginnis’ mulled wine), we decided to revisit Ashley’s list with some more themed drinks to…


Life Geek! 11/16/14-12/10/14

Life Geek! is our bi-weekly lifestyle feature where we offer readers a glimpse into our geeky lives. Claire I found! A mechanic! Who will explain! How things work to me! And it’s that time (winter) when keeping the bike clean is super-necessary. So it’s been scrubbing time this week. My Operation Margarine review is lagging,…

Banner: Scrabbers concept art

R/W: Concepts and Concept Art

A contest? For me? Yes, you! Glimmer Train is a pretty cool short story journal that pays out $50,000 every year to writers. It is a rare survivor, but continues to be successful in its attempts to showcase new work, and often new writers. Their New Writer Contest deadline is coming up. Details from their email: “Deadline:…

What We’re Playing: November

Rachel Stevens is playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Enemy Within on PC XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Enemy Within 2K Games/Firaxis Games Released: Enemy Unknown: October 9th 2012/Enemy Within: November 12th 2013 Developers: Firaxis Games, Feral Interactive (OS X, Linux) Publishers: 2K Games, Feral Interactive (OS X, Linux) Platforms: Microsoft Windows (what Rachel is playing it on), OS X, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Linux,…


Life Geek! 10/24/14-11/6/14

Life Geek! is our bi-weekly lifestyle feature where we offer readers a glimpse into our geeky lives. Al Rosenberg, Games Section Editor We had a Halloween party and I was The Peaches’ manager Jimmy Dugan (from A League of Their Own). My roommates were two other Tom Hankses. Remember, “there’s no crying in baseball” and…

Wonder Woman #23 Cliff Chiang DC Comics 2013

The Weight of the Feminist World: Lexi Alexander Will Not Direct Wonder Woman

Last month Warner Bros. announced that they were seeking a female director for the upcoming Wonder Woman project. Geeks everywhere began dream-casting this potential director, and Lexi Alexander‘s name came up on a lot of these lists. Alexander has six director credits on IMDB, the best known of which is Punisher: War Zone—a 2008 adaptation of Marvel’s…