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I found! A mechanic! Who will explain! How things work to me! And it’s that time (winter) when keeping the bike clean is super-necessary. So it’s been scrubbing time this week. My Operation Margarine review is lagging, but you gotta forgive me — at least I’m on-theme.


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I went home (to South Florida) to see my family over Thanksgiving. I shot a rifle for the first time (at exploding canisters) and found out that I’m actually quite good. (I said it was all the video gaming, but my brother assures me that is not the case.) As a vegetarian and general anti-gun person, it was a strange experience, but exhilarating nonetheless. While I was home, I also found this old patterns coloring book I sort of used as a preteen. I decided to spend some time with the castaway colored pencils I could find around the house, and the above picture is the result of the length of a Harry Potter movie. It was very relaxing, and I think I’ll incorporate more coloring into my everyday life.


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Yesterday I went to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair to ogle all of the handmade wares. This is likely the case everywhere, but in Michigan there is an intensity to supporting local businesses. People go into a rage when they find out someone else purchased all of their food/clothes/toys/cars (ESPECIALLY THE CARS) from out of state. Buying local is a big deal everywhere, but it’s serious stuff here in The Mitten. I had a great time buying way too many things from local, cool vendors. Plus, I got some ideas for things I can make on my own sometime. Like the crocheted cacti. Also, anyone else notice a resemblance between that felt cloud up above and my own Cloudy?


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One of our local candy shops, Van Otis Chocolate, held a free event showing how candy canes are made. The path to the candy making area felt a little like we were in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, getting a behind the scenes peek where the magic happens. Did you know that pulling the melted sugar like taffy, adding oxygen to it, that in turn changes the color from yellow to white? So neat. They also cut off warm pieces of candy cane to let us shape.


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The geekification of my new office space began with a signed Stan Lee Funko Pop! and a Batman mug for my tea. Now, thanks to an early Christmas gift from a friend, I’m adding Game of Thrones to the mix. There are a few GoT fans at the office, so I have offered some of these house crests to my favourite co-workers. My only disappointment is that there is no flayed man… Or House Forrester — “Iron from Ice!”


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My Buffy fangurlness is so well known that people in my office know about it. I imagine the Buffy-related ringtones help that. Anyway, my super awesome colleague found these Buffy yearbooks from 2002 and 2003! I am so excited to read them with all the feelings of being in high school again.

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