Day: December 12, 2014

Merry Scary Christmas: Batman Returns

Welcome to WWAC’s Merry Scary Christmas: twelve days of thrills, chills, deadly santas, melancholy, and murder. In this first part, Kayleigh looks at perennial Christmas favourite, Batman Returns. Batman Returns Starring Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer, Danny DeVito, Christopher Walken Directed by Tim Burton 1992 Batman Returns is the scariest superhero film ever made. Dissect the…

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Gift Guide: Donations

It’s Winter in the Northern hemisphere, now. That means snow for some of us, and a lot of it. Where there isn’t snow, there’s rain, wind, and colder temperatures. It’s a good time to give, but giving shouldn’t be done without careful consideration or out of habit. It’s important to be informed about the charities, NGOs,…

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Short & Sweet: Spider-Sagas

Spider-Verse #1  Dan Slott, Skottie Young, Robbie Thompson, Katie Cook (W) Humberto Ramos, Dennis Medri, Jake Parker, Katie Cook (A) Marvel Comics Fun, yet so, so confusing. There’s this creepy family of … I don’t know, energy vampires? For sport, they hunt Spider people. And eat them. It’s quite gross. The spider people, of course,…


Life Geek! 11/16/14-12/10/14

Life Geek! is our bi-weekly lifestyle feature where we offer readers a glimpse into our geeky lives. Claire I found! A mechanic! Who will explain! How things work to me! And it’s that time (winter) when keeping the bike clean is super-necessary. So it’s been scrubbing time this week. My Operation Margarine review is lagging,…