Life Geek! 10/24/14-11/6/14


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Al Rosenberg, Games Section Editor

Life Geek Al

We had a Halloween party and I was The Peaches’ manager Jimmy Dugan (from A League of Their Own). My roommates were two other Tom Hankses. Remember, “there’s no crying in baseball” and “avoid the clap!”

Romona Williams, Staff Writer

life geek romona

This year I was experiencing a Roseanne Halloween Episode IV low of Halloween spirit. I almost took my kid trick-or-treating without wearing a costume myself. I briefly considered going as a traffic light, but at the last minute, I pulled my shit together and came up with this She-Hulk costume. I already had the wig, the face paint, and the sweatpants, and it gave me an excuse to get a new hoodie. Halloween was saved.

Sarah Richardson, Staff Writer

life geek sarahMy partner and I went to a Conan-themed dinner at a local brewery. They encouraged costumes, so we made armor for the first time ever, and it was an amazing amount of fun. The dinner had only candlelight, and the Conan movies playing so you can’t see the detail in my shoulder armor in this picture, but I thought I was a pretty badass barbarian witch with my skull beads, snake spine necklace, velvet cape, and black skirt slit up to woah while eating tiny birds tied with twine and roast lamb.

 Christa Seeley, Books Editor

life geek christa

On Monday I attended the Giller Light Bash – a party to celebrate the winner of The Giller Prize, the largest literary prize in Canada. This is a fun event and a chance to eat food and socialize with other book lovers. This year there was an added bonus – Litograph Temporary Tattoos. There were some really excellent designs, but I went with The Wizard of Oz and my friend chose Moby Dick (pictured above). I’ve been wanting to get a bookish tattoo for awhile now, so it was great to try out some different ideas/locations. The full line of temporary tattoos is available on the Litograph website.

Ginnis Tonik, Lifestyle Editor

life geek ginnisShort on funds, my bestie and I went as Hipster Poison Ivy and Hipster Catwoman for Halloween. Halloween is a pretty big deal in our hometown so we went to one of our favorite bars and people watched. Our other friend wore a black unitard and went as the male gaze. All in all, a good time.

Ginnis Tonik

Ginnis Tonik

Smashing the patriarchy with glitter, pink lipstick, and cowboy boots. You can follow her on Instagram @ginnistonik

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  1. It was epic – and being a he and wearing a unitard, it clearly made some people uncomfortable which he totally reveled in. We also decided he could easily go as gamergate, too.

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