9 Great Gifts for Geeks: Apparel and Accessories

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Your geeky friend, colleague, or neighbor not into stuff or food (what, why, how?)? Here are nine clothing/accessory ideas for the sartorially inclined. Why nine gift ideas and not ten? Because Even numbers are boring. Nine is divisible by three!

Moomin Handbags

1. Moomin Handbags!

If I had one of these bad boys I’d never get around to buying anything else. Everytime I pulled my handbag out I’d get sucked into the cute until someone took it away from me. — Romona

Twin Peaks tees

2. Twin Peaks T-shirts!

Whenever life gets you down, take a look at the design on your t-shirt. Does it cheer you up? If you answered yes, that’s great. If you answered no, invest in a Twin Peaks t-shirt or two. Who wouldn’t feel better after an eyeful of Agent Cooper in an image of woodsy Laura Palmer? — Romona 

X-Men Sweater

He-Man PJs

3. X-Men sweater!

This is KNITTED. And actually pretty stylish? Damn, I’d look good in this X-Sweater. Forget friends and family, buy this for me. — Claire

4. He-Man pjs!

As Al pointed out in an email, there’s no reason for this product to be defined as “guys”. He-Man is the nicest person, and who doesn’t want to cosplay “nice” at night? And as we learnt from Friends many years ago, a y-front is a storage option, for a penis or otherwise. — Claire



Silver Age Jewelry5. MLP Shwings!

I just happened across someone being snippy about the concept on an old Loot Crate unboxing video, but now that I’ve found them I am INTO Shwings. They’re kicky! They’re cute! Lace them onto your shoes! I was a mythology kid, always wanted the Mercury heels (also seen on Namor), later lusted after the Westwood x Melissa versions — but those were out of my price range. Shwings, though? They’re cute! They’re kicky! And they come in Friendship is Magic flavours, if that’s your deal. Personally I’m dyin’ over apple green and black glitter. Hard not to say it “SHAAA-WING!,” tho. Party on, Garth. — Claire

 6. Silver Age Jewellery!

For those of you who want to buy some nice jewellery for the geek in your life. This is all on the pricier side, but I’m saving up for some nice Batman cufflinks for my office shirts. Gunmetal finish? Yes, please! — Al

NIce Laundry Socks

7. Socks!

Now, wait, hear me out. Perhaps these are not obviously geeky/nerdy/industry in anyway. I hear you. But, really, what is nerdier than my love for socks? Very few things, I have to tell you. Nice Laundry is my favorite sock brand, and that’s saying Amoeba shirtsomething because I love me some socks. They are more expensive than your Target-grown variety, but they are warm and very durable. I live with the world’s most spiteful cat and they have endured her torment and come out fine on the other side. They have new collections regularly and just came out with their first attempt at athletic socks. SO EXCITING! — Al

 8. Amoeba shirts!

Cutest scientifically accurate single-celled organism ever! Show off your love of SCIENCE! with this subtly scientific, lovingly designed, handmade tee. Or… show off your love of SCIENCE! by dressing your friends and families in this thing. Um. Ok, here’s the thing. So many SCIENCE!-based apparel options are smug, ugly, or sumgly. But here we have a strangely anthropomorphic, cartoony cell-beast that stands on its own cell-feet design-wise, while also putting your geek bonafides on display. Buy early! Buy often. — Megan

Wonder Woman Pendant

9. Wonder Woman Pendants!

It’s maaaaade of claaaaay! Most of the Wonder Woman jewelry I’ve found is either kitsch to the max or plain gold. Finally, I’ve found something in the middle. This pendant is made from painted clay and polymer and hangs on a simple gold chain. It’s based on the original eagle-and-stripes Wonder Woman logo and is perfect for the low-key Wondy fans in your life. — Megan

Megan Purdy

Megan Purdy

Publisher of all this. Megan was born in Toronto. She's still there. Philosopher, space vampire, heart of a killer.

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