Day: November 11, 2014

Wonder Woman #23 Cliff Chiang DC Comics 2013

The Weight of the Feminist World: Lexi Alexander Will Not Direct Wonder Woman

Last month Warner Bros. announced that they were seeking a female director for the upcoming Wonder Woman project. Geeks everywhere began dream-casting this potential director, and Lexi Alexander‘s name came up on a lot of these lists. Alexander has six director credits on IMDB, the best known of which is Punisher: War Zone—a 2008 adaptation of Marvel’s…

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Seeking: Games Section Writer

In case you didn’t know: Women do write about comics, guys. Seriously, a lot. Our beat is comics, creators, and geek culture from a feminist perspective. We are committed to intersectionality and internationality (our diverse staff hails from Canada, the UK, Switzerland, Brazil, and the United States). And while we’re an unabashedly feminist, unapologetically ladies-first…