DC Offers Up Fanfic for CONVERGENCE; Takes All My Money [Gif]

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Okay, everyone, hold the phone. Just stop. Right where you are.

I said stop.

Are you stopped? Okay, good. Now sit down, because, if you’re like me, you’re going to need a second to collect yourself after I tell you this:

CONVERGENCE is basically going to be the DC fanfic of your dreams, and we are all doomed.

Comic Book Resources announced today the ten titles forming the core of the CONVERGENCE event, beginning April 1, 2015, and I swear the line-up is like DC’s version of fantasy football—or I would, if I could accurately see through this mist in my eyes. CAPSLOCK AHOY:

I'm Not Crying! gif

Here’s what we have, in order of how excited I am about them: a Nightwing/Oracle WEDDING, penned by arguably the best Oracle writer of all time and captain of the SS Dick/Babs—Gail Simone:

This ship sails itself gif

Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl and Cass Cain’s Black Bat working together:

Amy Poehler excited gif

Donna Troy and Starfire being Get-A-Grip friends to Arsenal:

sea turtle high five

Ryan Choi as The Atom:

Not anymore, Ryan!
Not anymore, Ryan!

And the greatest reveal of all:

BABY LANE-KENT. Yes, fans. CONVERGENCE will take us back to a simpler time, a better time, a time when Lois and Clark were married because DC was not yet being a complete buzzkill about allowing their characters to be happy. And they’re having a baby! The world has regained its axis!

Titanic I Will Go Down With This Ship

The revealed titles also bring back Wally West and his family, a Greg Rucka-helmed Renee Montoya as The Question, and the return of Jessie Quick. These are all super awesome; it’s just that I’m too emotionally exhausted from the Lois and Clark news to give them the enthusiasm they deserve.

Fine, DC, fine. You win this round. I had thought my cynicism towards you was impenetrable, but you’ve managed to woo me back, and I know I’m not the only one returning to the fold.

Are you once again excited to give DC all the money? What part of CONVERGENCE’s reveal hooked you?


Laura Harcourt

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