Presenting the Winners of the 2019 WWAC Awesome Awards

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With thanks to our team for putting together our most excellent list of nominees for the best (and not so best) of comics in 2018, and to our Patreon patrons for their votes, we now present to you the winners of the 2019 WWAC Awesome Awards!

Worst Editorial Decision

Marvel’s claims of embracing diversity continue to be marred by the Continuing Adventures of Akira Yoshida. Despite editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski confirming that he violated Marvel’s company policy when he wrote under the Yoshida pseudonym while in the role of editor, the company has just shrugged and continued on their merry way.

Best Discourse

Though it didn’t take first place, I want to note that the Universal Fan Con discourse, fueled by the detailed investigative report from Jaz Joyner and Rosie Knight, was the first runner up in this category. But the topic that held our interest was Batman’s Dick. Bruce’s Lil Wayne appeared in Batman: Damned, under DC Comics’ new Black Label imprint intended for more adult audiences. Penises in DC’s adult imprints are not a new thing, but male nudity happens so rarely that audiences tend to react dramatically. The reaction caused DC to remove the Bat Penis and rethink their plans for nudity in the future. On the plus side, that means that female bodies might be treated with a bit more respect by DC in the process. Oh wait, nevermind.

Least Problematic Industry Darling

Creators are people too, and sometimes they say things online that they ought to regret, but sometimes instead they just double-down on the questionable content. Thankfully, there are a few men in comics who aren’t out there fighting with their readers on social media, and trying hard not to be infuriating and ridiculous. The votes are in! Scott Snyder is our least problematic industry darling.

Best Gay

The news about young Iceman being forced back into the closet was heartbreaking. Respectable LGBTQ+ representation is hard to come by, especially in mainstream media, and especially when mainstream media does stuff like this. Thankfully, all is not lost. We still have America Chavez waving that flag loud and proud. Let us cling to our dreams of this coming true:

Best Actually Worth-it Variant Cover

The votes were pretty close in this category, but in the end, Kris Anka’s cover of Dream Daddy #1 from Oni Press ended up on top.

Cover to Dream Daddy #1 by Kris Anka

Most Mediocre White Man with the Most Comics Released in 2018

Brian Michael Bendis has his name on lots of titles and characters that we love, but it’s Tom King who takes first place, with Tom King coming in third. Clearly, CIA connections can get you places in the comics world!

Most Forgettable Event

DC’s “Doomsday Clock,” which started in 2017 and ran through the last year, wins this category. The series, which follows up on Alan Moore’s Watchmen should have been great, but alas … *yawn*

Best Webcomic We’ve all Been Reading Since Forever Ago

All of these webcomics are deserving of praise, but the one that voters have been happily reading forever is Ngozi Ukazu’s Check, Please!

Ngozi Ukazu's Check, Please!

Best Webcomic You’ve Added to Your Rotation

If you aren’t reading Bill Walko’s The Hero Business yet, then you darn well should be!The Hero Business

Best Monthly/Serial Book That Actually Gives Us Hope for the Future

Sometimes comics are a trash fire. Sometimes, you read a comic that is just so wonderful that it leaves you feeling fresh and renewed. Oni Press’ Dream Daddy, based on the video game, is that comic. Don’t believe us? Check out our roundtable reviews of the series.

Cover, Dream Daddy #3, Jarrett Williams, Oni Press.

Best Graphic Novel That Actually Gives Us Hope For the Future

Graphic novels, by nature of their format, give us that much more joy to chew on and our voters absolutely loved chewing on Jen Wang’s The Princess and the Dressmaker. Well, not actually chewing on it, I hope.The Prince and the Dressmaker (Jen Wang. First Second Books, 2018)

Best Series That Doesn’t Exist

The people have spoken, Gail Simone and Stjepan Šejić. Make Tomb Raider/Wonder Woman happen, please!

Most Surprising Fave Comic

Who’d have thought a giant puppy, often drawn by people who seem to have never seen a dog before, would win our hearts, but here we are. Thank you, Marvel, for giving us the Lockjaw miniseries.

A giant dog races toward the reader in Lockjaw #1 (Marvel Comics, 2018)

Best Lovably Mundane Zine Topic

Zines cover so many topics, but sometimes its the simple, everyday things that win our hearts. In this case, it’s all about the botany, baby, with The Queer Language of Flowers.

The Queer Language of Flowers by Robin Elan and L. M. Zoller

Best Indie Comics Curation

Others may try to duplicate it, but nothing beats Short Box when it comes to best indie comics curation.

Best Anthro Book

While it might not help you find your inner fursona, The Pervert, written by former WWACer Michelle Perez, drawn and painted by Remy Boydell, and published by Image, wins for best anthro book. The Pervert tells the honest and emotional account of a trans girl surviving through sex work in Seattle.

The Pervert, Image, 2018

Thanks all for playing. See you again next year when we do this all again!

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