Previously on Comics: TCAF 2017 Edition

Hello again and welcome to another Previously On Comics! This week is a special TCAF edition, due to WWAC’s zine and panel debut!

Check out the rest of WWAC’s twitter coverage of TCAF, including our very own panel on Comics Criticism and our meet-ups!

Megan tweeted out the LGBTQ panel on Saturday. Find those tweets here.

Ardo tweeted some recommendations inspired by the Comics As Resistance panel.

And in case you missed WWAC’s Critical Eye on Comics panel, moderated by our very own Ardo Omer with panelists Megan Purdy, David Brothers, Stephanie Cooke, and Carta Monir, check out the livetweets from the WWAC Twitter and Angel Cruz !

Other TCAF News!

The Beat has been hosting a fun daily podcast at TCAF: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. They also did a nice liveblog of the Doug Wright Awards. Congrats to all the winners!

And some non-TCAF-related stuff:


We’re finally starting to see some Wonder Woman marketing! If you missed it, here’s the final Wonder Woman trailer!!!

Tiny Diana is EVERYTHING. We don’t deserve her!

Also, if you missed Tom Holland and Zendaya’s Lip Sync Battle at the MTV Movie Awards, allow me to help you out. The video below is the full version, as well as the post-performance conversation and a wonderful Spidey-themed kiss between Chrissy Tiegen and hubby John Legend.


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