Month: May 2017

Six Days in Cincinnati_Dan Mendez Moore_Microcosm Publishing_June 2017

Review: Six Days in Cincinnati

Six Days in Cincinnati Dan Mendez Moore (writer & illustrator), Matt Gouck (cover artist) Microcosm Publishing June 2017 Six Days in Cincinnati was reviewed using an advanced reader copy provided by Microcosm Publishing. Originally published as Mark Twain Was Right: The 2001 Cincinnati Riots in 2012, Six Days in Cincinnati reprints Dan Moore’s original book about…

Lady Pendragon, volume 1, Image Comics, Matt Hawkins, Hector Gomez, Deodato Stidios, John Stinsman, Bretty Evans

Lady Pendragon: What You Want to Know About Matt Hawkins’ Guinevere

Another in our series examining the women of Image Comics’ first decade — this time, Top Cow’s Lady Pendragon. “We all were sorta young and brash and thought [the heyday of Image] was gonna last forever, and… it didn’t. And so, the fall was kinda hard? And dealing with that — Extreme Studios went out of business, and then…

Cast of Skam - NRK, 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Skam!

Skam? What, like a scam, or a con? No, I’m talking about Skam, the Norwegian teen drama created by Julie Andem that has catapulted into stunning international success in recent months. With the first season NRK’s Skam released in 2015 and the show currently headed into its fourth season, Skam (which means shame in English)…

mystery science theater 3000

MST3K “2” is No Electric Boogaloo

For a puppet show born on a Minnesotan UHF channel nearly 30 years ago, Mystery Science Theater 3000 has enjoyed remarkable longevity. Two decades after it ended its original ten-season run, the show has grown from cult classic to genuine pop culture phenomenon; the end credits encouraged viewers to “keep circulating the tapes,” and now…