Previously on Comics… Lucie Ebrey, Dwayne McDuffie

Five long years marked — young English cartoonist and illustrator Lucie Ebrey finished up her daily diary strip, with an extra-long rumination on what it’s all meant. What does it feel like saying goodbye to an avatar you’ve lived behind for five years? I don’t know, but here’s what it feels like to watch:

Nominations were announced for the Dwayne McDuffie Kids’ Comics Award! Both the Diversity and Kids’ Comics nomination pools are now out in the open, February having seen announcement of the former– but the latter, unfortunately, are remarkable in their largely white creatorship. Terrific comics one and all, but is this truly the honour to McDuffie that it should be? Telgemeier’s Ghosts, in particular, has drawn ire from Native critics for its depiction of life and death in the Missions.

Unfurl the flag, my romantic-haired darling, Seven Seas (how apropos) are publishing… Yes! The Classic Collection of Matsumoto’s Harlock. If you like… well, if you like comics, you should try this. A dreamy-looking manifesto on tragic heroism and outlaw camaraderie, Captain Harlock has been leading crews of pirates (and crews of readers astray, into pirating, yo ho) since 1977. He still looks great. And now you, English-Speaker, can read him easily, legally!

Capyain Harlock, Leiji Matsumoto

The Monstrous Women in Comics conference happened over this last weekend — and what an amazing event it sounds like it was. Cheers to you, sisters! Check out the hashtag #MonstrousWomen17 for catchup notes and a healthy shot of wish-I’d-been-there, and when you’re done come back here and read our own Allison O’Toole’s column on monstrousness in comics. ????

In similar-ish news, World Goth Day happened on the 21st; here’s a thread from yours truly on some #gothcomics to pick up, try out, and think darkly of. Click the tweet to see the rest!

Daniel Ketchum is no longer a Marvel Editor; reasons unknown. Ketchum, pictured below, was the listed editor or Ardian Syaf’s X-Men Gold #1 — why this could be a factor is explained towards the end of this piece. Ketchum, as the “Asian. Adopted. Gay. Editor” his Twitter profile proclaims him, will be a missed presence behind the scenes at this diversity-desperate company.

Daniel Ketchum, for Marvel, at ComicCon

Finally, the Punisher makes his way into the news yet again, by association with violent crime. An individual carrying six forms of weaponry made his may to the Phoenix ComicCon to, he said, kill MMA fighter Jason David Frank. That’s Tommy, the Green/White/Red/Black Ranger. This individual avoided both security and costume-weapon check teams, and was arrested on the information of an acquaintance with whom he was communicating remotely. How does Frank Castle fit in here? That — or at least “The Punisher” — was an identity claimed by the would-be assailant. Remember– if someone says they’re going to do murder, report them. Because they really might try. And while you talk to your friends, why not discuss how Frank really doesn’t want you to take after him, okay? Comics good– killing bad.

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