Author: Allison O'Toole

Courtney Crumrin v 2,Ted naifeh, Oni press 2017

“It’s better to be lonely together” – Isolation in Courtney Crumrin

Courtney Crumrin Written, Drawn, and Lettered by Ted Naifeh Colored by Warren Wucinich Collected Hardcovers, Oni Press, 2012-2015 Courtney Crumrin is, in a lot of ways, a typical protagonist for YA literature. She’s an outcast who hates the “phonies” who populate her school, and while not quite an archetypal Chosen One, her magic seems more powerful…

A World of Gods and Monsters: Science vs Superstition in Sub-Mariner: The Depths

Superhero comics have traditionally relied upon a clear denotation of right and wrong, a binary of good versus bad, that is easy for children to comprehend. In recent decades, we’ve increasingly seen fans calling for “realism” in superhero narratives, with grittier and morally fallible heroes. Look no further than Batman v Superman and the fact…

Fainted When She Saw My Body: Social Construction of Monstrousness in Saga

What is a monster? The easy answer is an “unnatural” being—your zombies, ghosts, or vampires. Stories from Frankenstein to The Walking Dead showcase the idea that humans can become monstrous through action, perhaps even more monstrous than the undead. Critics like David J. Skal and Stephen King argue that fictional monsters are metaphors, vehicles to…