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    Allison O'Toole

    Allison is a part-time superhero, space bounty-hunter and crayon-colour-namer. She also edits comics, including Wayward Sisters: An Anthology of Monstrous Women, and the upcoming Frankenstein zine, Called into Being.

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  • Grey Morality in Black and White: Guy Davis’ The Marquis

    Grey Morality in Black and White: Guy Davis’ The Marquis0

    The Marquis: Inferno TPB Written, Drawn, and Lettered by: Guy Davis Colored by: Dave Stewart Dark Horse Books (originally Oni Press), 2009 I love horror films in black and white. Directors like Argento and Raimi can use colour masterfully, and Hammer Horror wouldn’t be what it is without buckets of too-bright red blood. Even so,

  • “Sisterhood is Powerful”: Subverting Tropes in VAMPS

    “Sisterhood is Powerful”: Subverting Tropes in VAMPS0

    VAMPS Written by: Elaine Lee Art by: William Simpson Colours by: Stuart Chaifetz Lettering by: Clem Robins Vertigo Comics, 1994 Vampires have always been about sex. You’ll see articles popping up from time to time questioning this fact, or trying to blame the phenomenon on Twilight, or Buffy, or Anne Rice, and the list goes