Month: October 2016

Review: Cosplayers Perfect Collection by Dash Shaw

Cosplayers Perfect Collection Dash Shaw (Writer and Artist) Fantagraphics September 6th, 2016 Cosplayers Perfect Collection follows the meandering lives of Annie and Verti, two cosplayers who both consciously and unconsciously blend reality with fandom. The book is broken down into smaller storylines following the characters as they relate to various aspects of the cosplay community….

Extreme Ghostbusters, Columbia TriStar, 1997

Extreme Ghostbusters: Sex in Kids’ Cartoons is Good, Actually (Sometimes)

Extreme Ghostbusters’ working title was, as it goes, Ghostbusters Dark. Clearly this is hilarious (and #radical), but despite its basic applicability I propose an amendment: I propose that Extreme Ghostbusters might just as well be referred to as Ghostbusters: Dirrrty. Yes, friends, with three Rs. Ghostbusters was never an especially chaste property. There-is-no-Dana-there-is-only-Zuul pretty much…