Day: July 15, 2015

FLOTUS is not impressed.

Marvel Announces Hip-Hop Variants for October, Still Does Not Care About Black People

Yesterday, Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso announced that, for the month of October, Marvel will release variant covers paying homage to hip hop. These covers were designed  to reflect the “ongoing dialogue” between Marvel and hip hop, and to “spotlight the seamless relationship between those two forces.” How nice, right? Seamless relationship! Ongoing dialogue! Hip hop! Marvel!…

Get Your Game On Wednesday

Howdy gaming crew! It’s been a strange week, least of which finds me eating pie for breakfast. Delish! This week, video game fans have felt the weight of the death of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. I know I’ve spent a hefty portion of the week reminiscing with friends about favorite first games and early Nintendo. To help…