Day: November 21, 2014

the Mama Calendar 2015 image Kara Angèle Pressley

Kickstarter of the Week: Mama Calendar

The new year is right around the corner and you need a new calendar. Take a peek at the farthest thing from that commercial mall kiosk with the Mama Calendar: a calendar about and for progressive, feminist, activist mothers and their families, friends, and allies everywhere. Coleen Murphy’s Kickstarter for Mama Calendar: 2015 Edition aims to get this year’s edition…

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Seeking: News Writers

In case you didn’t know: Women do write about comics, guys. Seriously, a lot. Our beat is comics, creators, and geek culture from a feminist perspective. We are committed to intersectionality and internationality (our diverse staff hails from Canada, the UK, Switzerland, Brazil, and the United States). And while we’re an unabashedly feminist, unapologetically ladies-first…