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Photo from Heritage Auctions

Happy Friday, caped crusaders!

DC has their spandex in a twist because the Valencia Club de Fútbol uses a black bat in their logo, and everyone knows black bats are the property of Batman, Inc. Better fork over some cash to Wayne Industries and start fighting crime in your downtime, guys!

Valencia Club de Futbol logo, Wikipedia
And get rid of those primary colors. They’re ruining the mystique.

Are you a savvy holiday shopper? (If so, can you teach me? My paycheck and I will thank you.) Do you wait with bated breath from Labor Day on, until we reach the platonic ideal of…um, deals, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Are you a DC fan?

You’re in luck! DC is running Black Friday and Cyber Monday digital deals, because this is our new reality. If you ever wanted to stock up on Batman comics, this would be the time to do it.

If you have any scratch left over after picking up seven hundred plus back issues of Batdude, take a wander over to Heritage Auctions, who are auctioning off the first ever DC-licensed Batmobile, which raises two questions:

1. There are other commercially available DC-licensed Batmobiles?

2. I should really just start calling this the Bat Blog, right?

Photo from Heritage Auctions


Laura Harcourt

Laura Harcourt

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