What’s Hot? July 2014

What’s Hot? July 2014

In our continued rejection of the Fake Geek Girl paradigm, What’s Hot? is our monthly feature re: what we’re feeling gleeful about in other parts of our lives. If you wanna know what we like outside of our usual WWAC beat -- here’s where you can. And we want to know you too! Drop your

In our continued rejection of the Fake Geek Girl paradigm, What’s Hot? is our monthly feature re: what we’re feeling gleeful about in other parts of our lives. If you wanna know what we like outside of our usual WWAC beat — here’s where you can. And we want to know you too! Drop your squeals and triumph yells in the comments. Let’s flourish as rounded individuals!

Megan Purdy, Editor In Chief

Megan's stuff -- what's hotFor once, I’m enjoying the summer itself, not just summer activities. As a hot-month-hater, summer is usually a serious drag for me. But this year I’ve been pushing myself to get out more, in shorter shorts and fewer layers. What a surprise, wearing less in the summer makes it more fun! Down with body shame! But aside from the sheer joy of not giving any old fucks about right-for-your-body clothing mandates, I’ve been loving these summery nail polishes, summery scarves, and my new loafers.

In other summer news: Shakespeare in the park! Contract work at some of Toronto’s coolest festivals! Hop City beer! Summerlicious! Gardening!

Claire Napier, Assistant Editor, Features

Public Domain Beetroot I went to a wedding this weekend. It was my cousin’s. It was nice. But most importantly of all: so was the food. There was a starter involving flaked salmon, spring onions, perfectly cooked beetroot and a lemony-horseradish, probably balsamic vinaigrette, that was just… just perfect. It was so good. I could eat that three times a day and ask for more. July is peak beetroot season, incidentally, so there’s a tip for those of you on a similar seasonal schedule to mine who like to sigh about food! It’s well worth looking at some new recipes and taking a chance on meals that sound weird/experimental, because beetroot does not have the flavour rep it deserves. It’s great pickled, but there is a whole world of taste and colour to enjoy!

Lana Jaeger, Kids EditorTerrarrium, Brady Kennedy, http://bradykennedy.com/terrariums/

Right now terrariums are what’s hot. We just moved into a house and I’d like to have plants all over the place, but I’ve killed every plant that’s ever crossed my path. Even extremely durable plants wither up around me (R.I.P. Spidey the spider plant, 2007-2014). But people say that using glass jars for terrariums creates a tiny, self-sufficient biome for plant life; that you barely have to look in their direction and they flourish. I’m a little intimidated over this business of finding the right bits and pieces to put one together, but this should be fun. Even if it turns out to be a glorified, expensive form of plant murder.

Laura Harcourt, News Editor

Wikimedia Share Alike Attribution, 5.5 Metre keelboat, photo: D Ramey LoganMy older sister just had twin boys, so pretty much all anyone in my family has been talking about these days is those two little muffins. I have to admit, they are pretty cute. Aside from that, summer for me means heading to the beach on weekends, sailing, and seeing family I haven’t seen in a while. My uncle bought a keel boat last summer (for those unfamiliar with sailing, a keel boat has a heavy lead keel on the bottom, rather than a moveable wooden or fiberglass centerboard. It’s a lot heavier and a lot harder to flip — which, with my family, is always a plus) and I’ve enjoyed going out with him on it. It’s a Typhoon, which makes it extra cool. This weekend, I’ll be traveling to support a guy from my Muay Thai gym in his first fight. Hopefully I’ll have a win to report back to you next time!


Annie Bulloch, Cook Your Comics

I’ve been traveling for my day job a lot this month, shooting photos for a calendar in several locations around the U.S. That’s consuming most of my time at the moment!

Ivy Noelle Weir, 741.5

Korra, Legend of Korra, Created by Bryan Konietzko and  Michael Dante DiMartino, Produced by Ginormous Madman Studio Mir Nickelodeon Animation Studio Studio PierrotI’m just now getting around to watching Legend Of Korra for the first time, and I am pretty into it! I never finished The Last Airbender, and I kept thinking that I had to in order to check out this show — turns out you don’t! The animation is just gorgeous, and it’s a good distraction between waiting for new episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal.

News Writers

Ardo Omer, Thursday Book Beat

It’s Ramadan for Muslims around the world (named after the Islamic month) which means no eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset. It’s a time of spiritual reflection and, during this month, I usually check out Imam Khalid Latif’s annual Ramadan Reflections that he writes daily over at the Huffington Post’s Religion section. I love the topics he covers, from signing during prayer for deaf muslims to giving a Muslim woman the platform to discuss her moments of feeling unwelcome in a mosque. Imam Latif asks questions we all think about (or haven’t thought about!), as well as taking a deeper look within himself, the way we should during this month as we deny ourselves the basic sustenance that, sadly, not everyone has access to. I’ve come to realize how important it is to eat through my difficulties in writing comprehensive features for WWAC or even reading a book (I get too distracted!). I like to consider myself someone that thinks of others but, every year, Ramadan (and Iman Latif) remind me that I could do WAY better. If you do end up checking out Imam Latif’s Ramadan Reflection series, I suggest starting with Day 1 to give yourself a proper introduction.

Staff Writers

Wendy Browne

Dorian Pavus, Dragon Age: Inquisition (Bioware, EA)My finger is hovering over the pre-order button for Dragon Age: Inquisition, but I’ve managed to resist so far. Bioware is making it difficult though, with a steady campaign providing details on the many aspects of the game, from gameplay to imagery. But for many fans, the most important part of Bioware games is the characters — specifically, the companion characters. Your main character will be shaped by you, but the companions in Bioware games are all so unique and nuanced–even the ones that seem to be just superficial tropes. Character bios will give you the basics, but the many layers of these characters can be peeled away little by little simply by talking to them, and by listening to what they say in various situations. They are also proof of Bioware’s dedication to inclusivity by creating rich characters from all sorts of races and with varying sexual preferences. For some players, the latter is a huge draw, and I have to admit that, while I’m interested in Dorian Pavus because of his status as a rebellious Tevinter mage, for the first time ever, I’m planning to create a male player character to get to know Dorian that much better…

Angel Cruz

Things aren’t super exciting at the moment, but they will be soon, as I’ll be going on vacation to New York City and Knoxville, Tennessee! Right now, plans are about 90% set, though they can still change (my ongoing nightmare). I am filling up my itinerary with lots of art (Met! MOMA!) and Broadway. Then it’s off to Knoxville for fun cabin times with my best friends in the world and fellow Sailor Moon fans. It’ll be swimming and pajamas and ice cream for almost a whole week, and I can’t wait. I plan on spending my plane rides watching the new Arashi concert DVD on repeat, as it’s also coming out soon, and I have a boy band problem.

Kelly Kanayama

Promotional image for Utopia, Channel 4, created by Dennis KellyUtopia is back to UK TV, and I am watching. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s a sci-fi-ish thriller with a comics-inspired look (and the trigger for the main plot is a graphic novel!) which will make you extremely uncomfortable, but in a good way. I’m also trying to mentally prepare myself for my upcoming PhD studies, which start in October at the University of Dundee. I’ll be studying contemporary transatlantic comics–i.e. comics written by UK authors but distributed by US publishers.

Kristi McDowell

My first weekend overnight visit with my goddaughter happens at the beginning of August, thus allowing me to slowly but surely turn the little angel into a little geek. I’m also introducing my wife to Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and she’s loving it!) and prepping for my next comic events, the New England Author’s Expo and Boston Comic Con! Otherwise, my board game addiction is getting steadily worse by the day, thank you for asking!

Christa Seeley

William Shatner as James T Kirk, Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry, currently owned by CBS & ParamountBirthdays are what’s hot right now as mine is coming up and I am looking forward to heading back home and celebrating them with my family. Also Star Trek. Ever since that announcement that William Shatner will be at FanExpo this August I have been going back and rewatching all my favourite episodes of the original series. Now if only we could get Chekov to come to Fan Expo too…


Rachel Stevens

Well, I dyed my hair blue! I went to the Magic 2015 prerelease and got a ridiculous amount of rare cards from that, and traded a couple to my roommate for some fungus cards to help me make a kind of deck I’ve been working on for ages.  That’s really it, for now.

Excited about some of the same things? Bursting to share what we’re missing about something YOU really like?

Gif: Olivia Newton John as Bad Sandy, Grease, 1978, Paramount

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Claire Napier

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