Author: Kristi McDowell

Short & Sweet

Welcome to a Marvel-centric edition of Short and Sweet (or Sour), looking back at Jason Aaron’s new X-title, Magneto’s lead-up to his new on-going, the impending return of the Amazing Spider-Man, and Black Widow’s new #1. It’s mutants, spider-men, Russian spies, and women writing about comics!

Kickstarter of the Week: Boston Metaphysical Society

“Before Mulder and Scully, there was Hunter and O’Sullivan.” You’ve probably seen this tagline a lot if you follow Boston Metaphysical Society’s writer Madeleine Holly-Rosing on Twitter and that’s a pretty apt description of the supernatural steampunk adventure comic. I’ve expressed my appreciation for Boston Metaphysical Society’s print comic before so I was overjoyed to…

Review: Batwoman #26

Batwoman #26 Marc Andreyko, Jeremy Haun DC Comics *Sigh* I could leave it at that, but then you’d have no idea what I’m sighing about. Which, while potentially hilarious, would mean that I wouldn’t have the chance to go on at great length about my favorite comic book subject: Batwoman. We all know how much…

I Am Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel #17 Marvel Kelly Sue DeConnick, Filipe Andrade, Jordie Bellaire In the spirit of full disclosure, I had sort of fallen off the Captain Marvel bandwagon in recent months. Not because it’s not a brilliant book, because Kelly Sue DeConnick writes the best damn Carol Danvers that I’ve ever read. Not because it’s not…