Day: February 11, 2014

What’s Hot? Feb 2014

WHAT’S HOT? What are your comic-loving, hard-writing, news-gathering WWAC team getting giddy about outside the world of comics? We share just what is our poison, this February. Ivy Noelle Mine is Veronica Mars. Yes, I’m really, really late to the party. I’m blowing through the seasons that are streaming on Amazon Prime at a crazy…

Self-Identifed Woman Comics Fans On the Rise

This month, Brett Schenker over at Graphic Policy posted a new statistic about women comics fans that’s causing a stir. Graphic Policy has been updating data, accessible via Facebook, for the past several months using data visualization with graphs and charts as part of their Facebook Fandom Spotlight series. Their project got a signal boost…

Short & Sweet

Welcome to a Marvel-centric edition of Short and Sweet (or Sour), looking back at Jason Aaron’s new X-title, Magneto’s lead-up to his new on-going, the impending return of the Amazing Spider-Man, and Black Widow’s new #1. It’s mutants, spider-men, Russian spies, and women writing about comics!