Self-Identifed Woman Comics Fans On the Rise

This month, Brett Schenker over at Graphic Policy posted a new statistic about women comics fans that’s causing a stir. Graphic Policy has been updating data, accessible via Facebook, for the past several months using data visualization with graphs and charts as part of their Facebook Fandom Spotlight series. Their project got a signal boost with Brett’s summary post on The Beat.

This month’s post showed that women comics readers hit approximately 47% of all self-identified Facebook comics fans, which puts a very different spin female comics fans on the well-known 2012 survey completed after DC’s new 52 reboot saying that of the respondents saying that 93 percent of the respondents were male.

One of the questions about this data: are women fans also actively purchasing comics? Annie Bulloch, co-owner of 8th Dimension Comics and Games in Houston, Tex. says that when the store first opened three years ago, women represented about 10-15 percent of their customer base but the percentage started growing within a few months as word got out. She states that today women account for about 30 percent of sales but the “share of people walking through the door might be closer to 35-40%.” Also of note, “Random walk-ins are still overwhelmingly male, or M/F couples or families.”

Her shop’s statistics seem to confirm the trend that Graphic Policy is finding. If so, hopefully we’ll start to see more market research studies in the future about women readers, so publishers and creators can create content geared towards us.

Brenda Noiseux

Brenda Noiseux

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