Buffy Challenge Season 6

Buffy Jo Chen Dark Horse

Season 6


Character Arc: Slayer Returned, To Slayer Alive

The season, while PLAGUED with issues (see what to Watch Out For), has a tight plot, and is a fast paced emotional roller coaster. SERIOUS FEELS AHOY.

Watch For: Dawn breathing fire, floating Tara is made “COME plete” *wink wink nudge nudge,* and Dark Willow—which is WAY SCARIER than Vamp Willow.

Watch Out For: R A P E. Threats. Attempts. References. ALL THE RAPE. ALL THE TIME. 🙁 Seriously any time anyone was like “I dunno. This episode is a little slow.” Someone else said “LET’S ADD RAPE!”

Best Episode: Once More with Feeling for obvious singing and dancing reasons. Villains through Grave for FEELS all the OMG FEELS!

Least Best Episode: Doublemeat Palace. PENIS MONSTER that is all.

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