Buffy Challenge Season 5

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Season 5Buffy_Season_(5)

Character Arc: Stand Alone Sister to Sacrifice

This season is almost all plot and very little monster o’ the week. Basically if you aren’t completely sucked in by the Glory/Spike/family issues story-lines, Buffy isn’t for you anymore, because there aren’t any haunted houses or spooky children to get by on. But you should be sucked in. CUZ REASONS!

Watch For: Amy Adams appearance. Willow/ Tara makeouts ALL THE FEELS. GET YOUR HANKIES!

Watch Out For: Loads of questionable “ARE YOU SURE YOU DIDN’T LEAD HIM ON”s? that are so ick.

Best Episode: The Body. Literally if you can watch this without it getting to you … you aren’t human. YOU HAVE NO SOUL.

Worst Episode: I Was Made to Love You or Triangle. Both are just filler stories, made to set up larger plot things.

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