Day: March 31, 2014

London Super Comic Con: Day 2 Diary

 London Super Comic Con: Day 2 Diary – The Rundown Panels: The Return of Miracleman (Marvelman), Avatar Press and Max Brooks: Uncut, Creativity in Comics. Geek wear: Batman top from Junk Food, Batman shoes from Converse, Spider sweater. Free stuff: Limited edition Chew print, signed by Rob Guillory.   “I AM SO SLEEPY,” my notes…

Buffy Jo Chen Dark Horse

Buffy Challenge Season 5

Season 5 Character Arc: Stand Alone Sister to Sacrifice This season is almost all plot and very little monster o’ the week. Basically if you aren’t completely sucked in by the Glory/Spike/family issues story-lines, Buffy isn’t for you anymore, because there aren’t any haunted houses or spooky children to get by on. But you should…

News & Things: Wolverine, Elves, and the God of Manga

News Osamu Tezuka Erotic Drawings Found The daughter of the late Tezuka, frequently called “the god of manga,” unlocked a desk belonging to the artist which contained “a half-eaten piece of chocolate, a handwritten essay about Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo and a bag of sketches, including a stash of erotic drawings by Tezuka.” ECC’s Broadening Comics Readership…