Day: April 1, 2014

News & Things: Hellfighters and Snow Queens

New Book on Black WWII Soldiers Combines History and Entertainment Coming from World War Z author Max Brooks and Uber artist Canaan White, the new graphic novel Harlem Hellfighters follows the black soldiers of the 369th Infantry Regiment who fought in World War One. Amidst the history of war comics, black and other minority members of the…

FCBD: 8th Dimension Comics

Annie Bulloch, 8th Dimension Comics, Texas You know Annie from her excellent Cook Your Comics recipes, here on WWAC — but a number of our twitter followers (f’rex: this one) also know her from her role at 8th Dimension Comics, where she’s co-owner. Putting her shop hat on, she answered our FCBD survey! How long have…

Buffy Jo Chen Dark Horse

Buffy Challenge Season 6

Season 6 Character Arc: Slayer Returned, To Slayer Alive The season, while PLAGUED with issues (see what to Watch Out For), has a tight plot, and is a fast paced emotional roller coaster. SERIOUS FEELS AHOY. Watch For: Dawn breathing fire, floating Tara is made “COME plete” *wink wink nudge nudge,* and Dark Willow—which is WAY…