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Spider Gwen #4 Robbi Rodriguez Marvel 2015

Who’s Responsible?: Spider-Gwen #4

Spider-Gwen #4 Jason Latour (Scripter), Robbi Rodriguez (Penciller) Rico Renzi (Colourist), Clayton Cowles (Letterer) Robbi Rodriguez (Cover Artist) Spider-Gwen #4 is probably my favorite issue of the series yet. There’s a lot less action in this issue. There’s no Vulture. No Frank Castle. No running from the cops. The conflict in this issue is all…

Spider-Gwen #1. Written by Jason Latour. Art by Robbi Rodriguez. February 25, 2015. Marvel Comics.

Soon You Too Can Live Your Spider-Gwen Dreams!

Spider-Gwen fans have even more to celebrate other than great sales because Spider-Gwen is getting a clothing line! Welovefine, a clothing and accessories retailer, specializes in geek and fandom clothing. Spider-Gwen will be joining other Welovefine clothing lines featuring such badass female comic characters as Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and the Lumberjanes. The Spider-Gwen collection features a zip-up hoodie,…

Page from Silk #2 by Lee and Herring

Review: Silk #1-2

Silk #1-2 Robbie Thompson (writer), Stacey Lee (artist), Ian Herring (colors) Variant covers by Skottie Young and Jake Forbes Marvel Comics For a character barely a year old, Cindy Moon comes into her first solo title with a lot of baggage. As a new lead in an ongoing superhero universe where new series launch every month, she’s…

Spider Gwen #1 Robbi Rodriguez Marvel 2015

Eat All the Corn Dogs: Spider-Gwen #1

Spider-Gwen #1 Jason Latour (W), Robbi Rodriguez (A), Rico Renz (C) Marvel Comics Originally, Spider-Gwen was only supposed to have two issues as part of the special “Spider-Verse” event. But from the moment her costume was revealed she had a following and what was only supposed to be two issues became a new female-led ongoing…