• Eddie Brock’s Body: An Artistic Overview of the Venom Symbiote

    Eddie Brock’s Body: An Artistic Overview of the Venom Symbiote2

    No matter where you look these days, listicles about the sexiest characters in comics all look the same. You’ve got your Gambits and your Thors, for example, characters whose canon beauty is basically an explicitly listed trait on their wiki-pages. Some fans swoon over Clark Kent’s earnest farm boy persona, while Emma Frost’s fierce and

  • Valiant’s The Year of the Visitor

    Valiant’s The Year of the Visitor0

    This 1994 Valiant-on-Valiant documentary has a number of joys to offer and a lot of information. One such piece is a fairly large nugget: that 1994 was “the year of The Visitor.”

  • Great Power Verbs Great Responsibility

    Great Power Verbs Great Responsibility0

    It is common knowledge that Spider-Man’s heroism is driven by the realization that “with great power comes great responsibility,” but that tagline hasn’t always existed in that form. In the first appearance of Spider-Man in 1962’s Amazing Fantasy #15, the final panel of the story introducing the new superhero is overrun with words. It says,