• X-Men #7: Mortal Xombat

    X-Men #7: Mortal Xombat0

    “Once upon a time, there was a woman who could fly.” – Uncanny X-Men #186, “Lifedeath”

  • Marauders #8: Casualties of Peace

    Marauders #8: Casualties of Peace0

    Since issue #6, Kate Pryde has been afloat in the ocean surrounding Madripoor and I have diligently refused to believe that her death could possibly be real, despite Russell Dauterman’s cover reveal for issue #11. Marauders #8 rips away my hope and tears me apart with the raw emotions of the most powerful mutants unleashing

  • The Unbelievable Louis Skye on Her New Fave: Gwenpool

    The Unbelievable Louis Skye on Her New Fave: Gwenpool1

    In our first Four-Color Fave of the new year, Louis Skye gets to talk about Gwenpool, a character whom she’s only just recently met, but has clearly fallen in love with. And really, what’s not to love about a character that gets to live out our fandom dreams by becoming a part of the world