• 52 Facts About DC, By The Numbers: Aug Week Two 2017

    52 Facts About DC, By The Numbers: Aug Week Two 20170

    Or However Many I Feel Like, And They May Not All Be Facts Welcome back to By The Numbers, the column where I count things in the first 5 pages of this week’s new comics from DC! This column will contain spoilers, but they’ll all be from the 5-page section of the book available in

  • Geek Mystique: Lifestyle News for August

    Geek Mystique: Lifestyle News for August0

    Hey! It is the second installment of Geek Mystique, the lifestyle section’s monthly lifestyle news column. These links are lovingly curated by I (um…me), your lifestyle editor, based on what is trending right now…and also just what I really like such as Lisa Frank leggings and mermaid crowns.

  • Batwoman and DADT, Karen K. Burrows

    Batwoman and DADT, Karen K. Burrows3

    When Kate Kane admits she’s gay in Detective Comics 859 (November 2009, Greg Rucka / J.H. Williams III), she does a lot more than out herself. Under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT), the US law that prohibited gays and lesbians from serving openly in the country’s military, she gets herself kicked out of college and

  • Short & Sweet: Wolf Spider Bikini Bingo

    Short & Sweet: Wolf Spider Bikini Bingo0

    Wolves, spiders, wolf-spiders, and more! This week we review Batwoman, Red Sonja, Adventure Time, Loki: Ragnarok and Roll and SPOOKS.

  • Review: Batwoman #26

    Review: Batwoman #260

    Batwoman #26 Marc Andreyko, Jeremy Haun DC Comics *Sigh* I could leave it at that, but then you’d have no idea what I’m sighing about. Which, while potentially hilarious, would mean that I wouldn’t have the chance to go on at great length about my favorite comic book subject: Batwoman. We all know how much

  • Roundtable: Race and Gender in Comics0

    The race and gender roundtable is here! Mixing it up were our resident writer Mai Pucik; Arturo Garcia, a writer for Racialicious; writer and comics publisher/editor Talisha Harrison; blogger and webcomic creator Jamie Kingston; and moderator Kelly Kanayama. In part one (of two), we talked about “diversity” characters in comics, the gendering of race, and