Last Week’s Episode: All Fake Cops Should Donate

Last Week's Episode

As Black Lives Matter protests in honor of George Floyd and other victims of police brutality continue across the country, corporations and celebrities scrambled to find the appropriate tone to respond on their own social media accounts, to varying success. And while people started pulling receipts (I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting the Metropolitan Opera to get dragged quite so hard), Black entertainers began to spill their own stories about racism they’d experienced in their lives. I’ve gather some to go in between other industry news this week, so content warning for racism and discussions of police brutality.

Rooster Teeth’s Mariel Salcedo responded to a tweet about the racism faced by Mica Burton during her stint at the company. This prompted the cosplayer, actress, and daughter of LeVar Buron, to tweet about her time there. While at RT, Burton was and editor and head of streaming of Achievement Hunter, and eventually became the co-host and editor for The Know.

Vanessa Morgan, who plays Toni Topaz on Riverdale, posted a #BlackLivesMatter tweet about the portrayal of Black people in media as “thugs, dangerous or angry scary people.” When a fan commented that she should get twice the money for her work, she replied “Lmao too bad I’m the only black series regular but also paid the least… girl i could go on for days.”

She clarified that she had no ill-will toward her castmates, as they “don’t call the shots & I know they have my back.” [Deadline]

Samantha Ware (The Glee Project), however, had some shit to talk about her former Glee castmate Lea Michele, causing The Flash star Candice Patton, who has been the target of racist bullying, to comiserate. Other Glee alum replied with gifs or liked the initial tweet, giving it even more of a boost. [Variety]

Supergirl’s Jimmy Olsen, Mehcad Brooks, took to Twitter to say that he’d been the recipient of enough death threats that he’d considered skipping San Diego Comic Con last year.

Comedian Dewayne Perkins (writer for Brooklyn 99) went on a tear about the racism he experienced at The Second City yesterday. Today, it’s CEO, producer, and co-owner Andrew Alexander resigned. [SecondCity]

If you haven’t watched John Boyega’s speech at a Hyde Park demonstration from this week, you should set aside five minutes to watch.

And, as per the title, one last call out:

While the major stars of Law & Order: SVU didn’t respond to Griffin Newman’s (The Tick) challenge, the cast of Brooklyn 99 donated $100,000 to the National Bailfund Network (so y’all can keep watching it).


Now that Ruby Rose is off Batwoman, the titular hero will be replaced by a new, non-Kate Kane heroine to don the cowl, which I guess is a choice. [THR]

Ryan Gosling might play a wolfman for yet another attempt at a successful Universal monster film. [THR]

If you weren’t calling out racists on celebrity Twitter, you might have posted a black square in honor of #BlackoutTuesday, a loosely organized event meant to amplify support that ended up mostly clogging up hashtags used for actual organizing. See who uploaded one! [Deadline]

Robert Pattison continues his press tour by claiming he still has no idea what Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is about. [IndieWire]

And to end on a lighter note, please read this adorable interview with actress Kiersey Clemons and her partner Ebony de la Haye. They met on the set of the horror film Sweetheart (2019), in which de la Haye served as her stunt double, and have been dating ever since. Love is real! [Variety]

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