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The first page of Hugh Madden's Treasure Island Adaptation, self-published, 2020

I Wish I Could’ve Given Everyone Hugh Madden’s Treasure Island for Christmas

Hugh Madden started cartooning his adaptation of Treasure Island on the eighteenth of March, early in the Irish Lockdown. As I write, he’s completed two hundred and twenty-seven pages, all free to read in one mega-thread on Twitter, and has covered everything up until Hawkins’ joining, under sufferance, Silver’s pirate gang now marooned on the…

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WWACommendations: Covenant, Wonder Woman, The Backstagers, and More

What comics are you reading lately? If you need something new to read, check out the WWACommendations tag! This month, WWAC contributors share recent favorites including a YA iteration of Wonder Woman, a Superman story written by Gene Luen Yang, and sexy priests exorcising sexy demons. Let us know on Twitter what you’re reading, and…

A couple holding a baby look up into the sky at something frightening

UK Comics Laureate Hannah Berry Takes on Chapter 3 of Planet DIVOC-91

COVID-19 isn’t going away any time soon, and neither is the discussion and issues around it, which leaves lots of room for Planet DIVOC-91 to continue its exploration of the impact of this pandemic. Created by Sara Kenney, Creative Director at Wowbagger Productions, and Dr. Bella Starling, Director of Vocal at Manchester University NHS Foundation…