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Tracy Queen (Oneshi Press, 2018)

Cyborgs, Porn Stars, and Warlords: Tracy Queen Has it All

Tracy Queen opens with a disclaimer that makes it clear that this book is not for some very specific people. Specifically, no homophobes, sexists, misogynists, people under 18, xenophobes, transphobes, trolls, fatphobes, or the sexually repressed allowed. Published by Oneshi Press, Tracy Queen promises to be “an epic, pulpy-sci-fi adventure about one woman’s journey from…

The Hero Business

The Hero Business Season 2: Because Saving the World Means Nothing Without Good PR

Bill Walko is concerned about Spider-Man’s bad press. The webslinger could use a good PR agent, while Donna Troy needs to schedule a meeting with the Origins & Acquisitions Division of The Hero Business. Because if there’s anyone that can whip these heroes’ brands into shape, it’s the marketing team of Morgan Sinclaire, Dr. Eli Malefactor, Simon…

Frankenstein's monster ponders his own reflection

Making Frankenstein Personal: An Interview with ‘Called Into Being’ Frankenstein Zine Contributors

The Called Into Being zine Kickstarter (which has been fully funded!) describes itself as a celebration of the personal connection people feel with Mary Shelley’s landmark science fiction novel Frankenstein. We reached out to the zine contributors to talk more about their personal histories to the Frankenstein novel and adaptations of the story. Our thanks…

tank girl

Blood, Guts, Flashbacks, and Throwbacks: The Legend of Tank Girl

The Legend of Tank Girl: a 30th Anniversary Collection Alan Martin (writer), Brett Parsons (artist/colorist) Titan Comics September 11th, 2018 Tank Girl, everyone’s favorite free-wheeling badass, hits a milestone this year: yep, she turns 30. And what better way to celebrate than with a collection of stories from Tank Girl’s most recent run, brought together…