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Spirit's Destiny by Dorphise Jean (Short Fuse Media, 2019)

Dorphise Jean’s Haitian Hero’s Story Continues in Spirit’s Destiny

Celebrated last year as a Haitian comic book creator to watch for, Dorphise Jean brings more pride to her heritage with Spirit’s Destiny, a comic featuring a powerful Haitian superhero. Currently on Kickstarter, to order to turn the 2016 first issue into an ongoing series, Spirit’s Destiny now boasts an all female team under Short Fuse…

A couple share an erotic moment in a baseball dugout

Filthy Figments’ SCORE! Anthology is a Fun and Sexy Romp Through Sports of Every Kind

SCORE! Anthology Featuring various creators Filthy Figments February 2019 You don’t have to be a sports fan of any kind to enjoy SCORE! the latest erotic anthology from Filthy Figments. You don’t have to know anything about sports at all to appreciate short stories of inspiration, romance, amusing antics, friendship, and discovery, with each one…

Community Parade Outfit from Fashion Forecasts by Yumi Sakugawa image via Retrofit

Yumi Sakugawa Imagines a Beautiful Future with Fashion Forecasts

Fashion Forecasts Yumi Sakugawa Retrofit September 2018 It can be difficult to look forward to a new year, especially as the world moves in a downward progression politically and morally. There’s a pressure to reflect on the past year, which means considering how we’ve grown, but also remembering all the negative experiences and difficulties. Fortunately,…