[Exclusive] Get Ready for the KUTE Crew!

An armed koala fights off squids

Launching August 4th from the creators of The Evil Life come the cutest underwater marsupial badasses: the KUTE Crew. The “Koala Underwater Tactical Elite are a bunch of outrageous marsupials that scoot around the ocean in their sub, the Tangerine Marine, as they go up against their weird foes in the Squid Squad.”

Created by Nick Marino (who also provides letters and is a friend of WWAC), and Nils-Petter Norlin, whose art brings the Crew to life, KUTE Crew will launch on Webtoon with a new chapter each week. With the completion of each chapter taking about a month, Marino and Norlin are then offering the chapter as digital downloads through Gumroad. Self-published mini comics of each chapter will also be made available for anyone who wants them. All in all, the KUTE Crew crew plan on running a minimum of 16 chapters of their story. Why are these enigmatic koalas underwater? What are the Squid Squad’s demands? We shall soon find out! Chief Beef delivers some bad news to the KUTE Crew

The KUTE Crew sit around a large table

Wendy Browne

Wendy Browne

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