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    Laura Harcourt

    Part of WWAC's editorial team, Laura has loved comics ever since her very first copy of Betty and Veronica Double Digest. Until her own superhero training is complete, she spends most of her time writing about others. She is most usually found in Western New England and is easily startled by loud noises.

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  • TGIFeminism: The First!

    TGIFeminism: The First!1

    • September 25, 2015

    Welcome to the first edition of TGIFeminism, a new weekly link blog by Laura Harcourt and Megan Purdy. Every Friday we’ll be highlighting feminist issues in culture and politics from all over the world — hard stories, uplifting stories, and food for feminist thought. Thank Goodness It’s Friday, Thank Goodness It’s Feminism Last Sunday, a

  • Crossplaying at Con: Becoming the Invisible Man

    Crossplaying at Con: Becoming the Invisible Man4

    It’s probable that most people, seeing me, would consider me to be fairly traditionally femme. Take a glance at my author icon: it’s all lipstick and lashes and one of the few times I got my hair to look like I wanted it to. I would estimate that in my adult life, I tend to get

  • Book That Shaped Me: Little House in the Big Woods

    Book That Shaped Me: Little House in the Big Woods0

    I honestly can’t remember a time when Laura Ingalls wasn’t as familiar to me as I was to myself. I don’t remember the first time I read her books, and I can’t recall the first time they were read to me: I only know that there was never a time I didn’t know her name

  • The DC Daily Planet: Dream Projects and So Many Trailers

    The DC Daily Planet: Dream Projects and So Many Trailers2

    Happy Friday, everyone! I’m back at the reins for the DCDP today, but can we all agree that Desiree has been doing a fabulous job? In fact, she even collected these links and articles for me. Everyone say thanks, Desiree! We’ve reported before that Marguerite Bennett, awesome creator and all-around cool person, is working on