The DC Daily Planet: 11 Year Old Girl is the Hero We All Need

WW 2006 #24

Happy Friday, crusaders! Are you still reeling from last night’s meme storm? I had white-and-gold llamas trotting through my dreams all night, and woke up with a great new design for Nightwing’s costume.

Remember when straight-shootin’ 11 year old Rowan wrote DC a letter to tell ’em how it is? Well, DC finally responded this week:

Yep, that there would be Rowan, costume-clad and chipper, sailing over a sunny field, courtesy of DC cover artist Dan Panosian.

Previously, the DC corporate machine had responded with its usual smoothing-things-over algorithm, which Rowan wisely dismissed:

You’re missing the point, DC. Rowan knows girls read comics, too.

Still, though comic-book Rowan isn’t actually a new female character, it’s cool that DC responded. Now let’s see some action, guys!

Things are headed in the right direction with the news that the Wonder Woman solo movie will Wonder Woman Movie Costumebegin filming later this year. By Hera, it’s about time!

And it’s possible another beloved female character (sadly fridged earlier this season to make way for her sister) (uh, spoiler alert?) may return to don the black leather and fishnets: Caity Lotz is set to appear in an Arrow/The Flash spinoff alongside Brandon Routh (the Atom) and Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold). Though Sara Lance was sadly offered up to the gods of character development during the season premiere, there’s always a possibility she could come back, especially now I’m pretty sure that Arrow has a canonical Lazarus Pit.

Those things are so handy.

Cool things: DC has commissioned an art exhibit of characters built entirely out of LEGOs. Sweet!

Also, CBS’ Supergirl has cast Dean Cain and Helen Slater, in as-yet-to-be-determined roles. I sincerely hope they’ll be Kara’s Earth parents. Neither actor is a stranger to the world: Dean was, of course, Superman in the greatest of all superhero shows, Lois and Clark, and Helen was the original Kara in Supergirl. Synergy!

So what are your weekend plans, crusaders? Tell me, tell me! In the comments!

Laura Harcourt

Laura Harcourt

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