Kickstarter of the Week: Nerdy Words

Nerdy Words birthday card line

Tired of searching for that perfect birthday card for your science friends and never finding quite the right one? Let Nerdy Words save you from insanity with science themed birthday cards.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign for nerdy Valentines, scientist and hobbyist designer, Christine Snyder, is back with a line of nerdy birthday cards. The line incorporates a number of disciplines including physics, molecular biology, statistics, computer science and chemistry. To really get the party started for lovers of the periodic table of elements, there are a balloons with element for Helium and a notebook for gifting. For those who love data (Me! Me!), you can wrap your clever, thoughtful gift using ribbon printed with p < 0.0001, indicating statistical relevance.

Nerdy Word birthday card correlation and causationThe designs are super cute and picking a favorite to include in this post was so hard. It’s definitely worth a click to the campaign page to see the other five designs.

Additionally, the project takes its environmental impact seriously. From cards to gifts to shipping material, the items use eco-friendly, recycled content and some items such as the balloons and bubble mailers are biodegradable.

Backer rewards start at the $1 CAD ($.80 USD) for a virtual high five and $200 CAD (~$174 USD) level for 10 6-packs of cards. Through a special party with the $60 CAD (~$60 USD) level which includes a 6-pack of cards, balloons, ribbon and a notebook.

I love this concept so much! I remember reviewing the Valentines Kickstarter and thinking it was super cool, but I don’t really send Valentines. Birthday cards, well that’s another story entirely. Personally, I’d love to see this line expand, especially with kid-friendly birthday cards, so you could send to the little girls in your life who love science.

Brenda Noiseux

Brenda Noiseux

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