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Wonder Woman #23 Cliff Chiang DC Comics 2013

Happy Friday, crusaders! Spring is almost upon me here in New England. Rumor has it we may in fact see the sun sometime before June, but I’m not holding my breath.

Costume re-designs are all over the place these days: Batgirl and Spider-Woman have all new looks, and Starfire’s getting a brand-new and awesome look for her upcoming book. It was only a matter of time before the costume craze trickled on down to the big guns, right?

I just wish they’d given it a little more time. Or thought. Or maybe called up Tim Gunn or Stacy London for a looksee, because no:

AC_Cv411 Wonder Woman New Costume

Is Supes a Street Fighter character now? Did Wonder Woman’s entire closet come to life and attack her all at once, like the sentient wardrobes in Beauty and the Beast? It doesn’t help that David Finch continually draws her as looking mildly befuddled, but in this case, I can’t say that I blame her. This is Too Much Look, and unless she can Edward Elric those blades off her wrists, I’m vetoing them, too.

I know we wanted pants, but at what cost, DC? At what cost?

Comparatively speaking, the new costume for CBS’ Supergirl is a breath of fresh, uncomplicated air.


Kara’s got her classic leotard, tennis skirt, cape and boots. She even, adorably, has tights. It’s nice to see a classic costume reimagined, and a female character fully dressed without a. showing cleavage, as if covering up legs means there’s just not enough fabric to go around for the chest, or b. going overboard.

Pictured: going overboard.

Sure, the color scheme is a little dark, but I can dig it anyway. She looks great, and I am super (ha!) pumped for this show.

If you have a DC costume of your own, you could be part of a record-breaking cosplay event: on April 18th, DC Comics will “team up with partners around the world to set the world record for the most people dressed as DC Comics Super Heroes,” which is awesome. The US participating city is Los Angeles, but I may go full Zinda Blake anyway, just to feel like I’m part of the club. Check out the Facebook page and see if your city is playing along!

In other DC news: a white dude named Chris is rumored to be next in line for Green Lantern. People, if you want to play a superhero, change your name to Chris. Boring. Moving along:

Midnighter, who’s getting his own book come the June shake-up, will be doing it as a single gay man — the only DC main character to do so. Of course, it’s DC, and so this will still be a “gritty” story, but then, who hasn’t felt that way about online dating?

Do you have thoughts on the last week, crusaders? Let me know in the comments!

Laura Harcourt

Laura Harcourt

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